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We, the direct descendants of the Moorish consanguinity, houses, groups, communities of the clans, tribes and states of the United Societas of Ecclesiastical Moors as benefactors in order to promote our common welfare, culture and protect the society as voters of this Moorish Provisional government.

We do now hereby ordain this constitution as a government by the people electing their public officials pursuant to established laws and rules in alignment with the longstanding principles of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Constitution – Great Binding Laws of Peace and our Moroccan divine covenants, acts, ordinances, decrees, treaties and conventions between Morocco known as Turtle Island and Atlantis within the North West and Southern Hemisphere also known by the treaty nations – Great Britain, France, Spain, England, Netherland (Dutch) and the De jure United States Republic of America as North America, South America, Central America including the adjoining islands known as Americana.




  • Wampum Belt
  • 12 Rays of Light
  • Cross Keys
  • Infinity


Wampum Belt

relates to the international law phrase Pacta Sunt Servanda meaning agreements must be kept. This symbolizes the Society’s commitment to honor well principles of contracts, covenants, agreements and treaties as well our be in alignment of our ancient knowledge of the Zodiac and the Great Year 

12 Rays of Light

is Emblematic of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Our ancestors charted this band of 12 groupings of stars to measure the circumference of Earth, determined longitude and latitude and as well as measure  the time of the Procession of the Equinoxes and the Great Year of 25,920 as symbolized by the Cross Keys 

Cross Keys

The Cross Keys is emblematic of the Galaxic Cross. The Cross Keys embodies our ancient astronomical knowledge of one of the most prominent celestial events for the Earth in Platonic Year (Great Year) of 26,000 years. Every 6,500 years the Galactic Equator (Galactic Cross) and Celestial Equator  (Earth Cross) intersect. This astronomical event ushers in catastrophes and a higher conscious awareness and human development. In 26,000 years (Great Year), the Galactic Cross and the Earth Cross intersect four times. The Cross Keys is the ancient standard and guide for charting the Great Celestial Conjunction and human consciousness and development. Knowledge of the intersection of Galaxy Cross and Terrestrial Cross forming a Double Cross.


Represents Everlasting Life

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