Recognition and The International Politics of
Restoration of Moorish Statehood

What’s the difference between Moroccan/Moorish Census and the United States Census?

The Moroccan/Moorish Census is the establishment of a Moorish permanent population for the restoration of the Moroccan/Moorish government.  Whereas, the United States Census is the maintaining of a permanent population which has been taking the aboriginal, native and indigenous Moors from their sovereign jurisdiction of Morocco since 1790 and pledging them as collateral for funding from the international community, loans and futures from other nations.

Principles of Statehood (Peremptory/Jus Cogens):

  • A Permanent Population
  • A defined territory (land)
  • Government
  • The capacity to enter into relations with other states (restoring diplomatic relations with Treaty Nations)

What is meant by a nation or state?

NATIONS or states are body politic, societies of men (derived from humanity) united together for the purpose of promoting their mutual safely and advantage by the joint efforts of their combine strength.

COMPLETE the Census form BELOW in order to establish a Moroccan/Moorish permanent population.

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