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Shem Malachi Bey

Shem Malachi Bey has been drafting legal documents since 1992 and working as a paralegal and assistant to counsel assisting those in court since 2000. In 2005, Shem began studying Moorish history, treaties and international law. Also, in 2005 Shem began his education in Finance. He studied banking and commerce governed by United States commerce law.
Shem’s greatest awakening came in 2012 when he learned how to use Moorish treaties and international law to protect his people, the Moors, and that the United States does not have jurisdiction over his people, the Moors, based on the Moorish treaties. Furthermore, Shem learned through his treaty and international law studies how his people, the Moors, give the United States power to speak and reshape his people’s, the Moors, national political status, therefore, preventing his people, the Moors, from being protected by Moorish treaties and international law. In 2014, Shem helped facilitate the forming of the Isle Apostolic Republic. In 2019, Shem helped form the Moorish Imperial Restoration Caucus.

Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey

Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey is a graduate of Glassboro State College, where he earned a B.A. Degree in Sociology. He continued his educational pursuits and also acquired a Masters Degree at Rutgers University Graduate School of Social Work. His greatest impact in the area of inter-social reform and Birthrights Consciousness, including literary contributions to the Humanitarian Cause came about with his association and activities with “The Moors Order Of The Roundtable” (M.O.O.The R). Years of studies, writings and participation among the Aboriginal and Indigenous Moors in this active civic order and school of learning, has magnified Abdullah Bey’s applicable understanding as to the negative social, political and economical impacts that ‘negative law’ has had upon our people. This has exponentially broadened his social work knowledge. Brother Bey’s accomplishments include owning and publishing two (2) newspapers – ‘The Moorish Civiletter’ in 1995, and the ‘Masonic Gate’ in 2013. Brother Bey served as Editor-in -Chief, Columnist and distributor for the Al Moroccan Star for three (3) years (2001-2003). Through mentoring, diligent research and study of positive law and history, Brother Bey’s passion to assist with the political process of restoring treaty protection to the Moors has ignited him to move in the direction of Etymology, the study and origin of words. Under the tutelage of the late Professor John Burton and Richard Bailey at Temple University (PASCEP), Brother Bey studied Etymology, Basic and Advanced Grammar, Greek, Vocabulary Building Skills and Poetry. Brother Bey is on staff at Temple University Pan African Studies Community Education Program (PASCEP) where he has taught Etymology to hundreds of Moors for 18 years. Since June of 2019, Brother Bey has been a member of the Moorish Imperial Restoration Caucus whose mission is to restore treaty protection to millions of Moors through the facilitation of the reestablishment of a Moorish national governmental structure, the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with the European treaties nations and the implementation of the international process of Reversion to Sovereignty by reentering the international community of nations as an old and original state. Brother Bey is the author of numerous books.  

Tamara El

Ms. Tamara Denise El, MPM is well recognized face in the field of Business Management Consultant with more than fifteen (15) years of experience.
Her rich multi-dimensional experience of Human Resources and Project Management in the industries of Healthcare Management,  InformationTechnology, Insurance, Non-Profit, Education and Sales has helped her to reach newer horizons as a Consultant.
In 2013, she founded Project of Providence LLC an Independent Consultant Company designed to assist potential entrepreneurs, start-ups to small businesses enhance efforts for increase performance and profits.
In 2019, she co-founded Academy of Providence as an online education platform to help bridge and close the illiteracy gap for affordable, effective and efficient learning .

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