In June 2019, 54 Moors assembled to form the Moorish Imperial Restoration Caucus to bring our people know classified as black, negro, colored, African American, Latino, Spanish, Indian, etc. back under the tree of divine, natural and positive law so as to reconnect to the principles of our ancient Mothers and Fathers as the founding civilized people who first inhabitant and cultivated the Earth. Also, our ancient Mothers and Fathers set among themselves a political, civic and economic structure to contract one nation to another.

The Moorish Imperial Restoration Caucus observed that addressing centuries of European colonization of Moorish land and the mass denationalization through modern constructive race paradigm as the root cause of generations have brought about mass incarceration, crime, drugs abuse, homelessness, poor housing conditions, poor health care, miseducation and high illiteracy would be a daunting and never-ending endeavor if continued on a case by case basis. Through the study of treaties, treaty cases, international law, acts, agreements, covenants, conventions, constitutions, and court cases in the International Court of Justice, the Moorish Imperial Restoration Caucus learned that facilitating the formation of a national Moorish governing body among the various Moorish provincial body politics would be the most prudent approach to addressing centuries of European colonization of Moorish land and the mass denationalization through modern constructive race paradigm.

By assembling into a national governing body and forming a national constitution among ourselves will re-establish our rights and duties of statehood as a returning state into the international community of nations. By reclaiming our preexisting Moorish sovereignty through a national governing body, we will position ourselves politically to reestablished diplomacy with the nations with which we negotiated treaties between 1610 and 1892 – England/Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, United States, Netherlands, Denmark, Sardinia, Belgium, etc.
Since March of 2021, the Moorish Imperial Restoration Caucus has been teaching Moorish Provincial Constitution and Government Classes.

Purpose of the Moorish Provincial Constitution and Government Classes:

  • The First Order of Civilization for the Moors is to Restore Government in our Moorish Communities
  • To teach the Moors how to create Legitimate Governments and Constitutional Structures in our Moorish communities
  • To teach the Moors what kind of government structure that leads the Moors back to ancient government principles
Also, Principles of Nationality, National Political Unity, Constitution, Government and Statehood through the study of the 1933 Montevideo Convention

Rights and Duties of States:
Article I:
Step 1: Permanent Population
Step 2: Defined Territory
Step 3: Government
Step 4: Relations with Nations

Further lessons in Language and Law are taught through the Academy of Providence, a charitable ecclesiastical educational institution, towards the mission, goal and strategy of the Moorish Imperial Restoration Caucus. Academy of Providence is a virtual learning institution designed to foster an educational setting that promotes critical analysis, thinking and reasoning that yields philosophers or humanity of learning, or humanity of science which creates society’s great artists, doctors, astronomers, biologists, engineers, cartographers, surveyors, photographers, chemists, herbalists, entrepreneurs, computer scientists, teachers, politicians, and statesmen.


The Seal symbolizes the Moorish Imperial Restoration Caucus’ national call and the facilitation for National Political Unity, Reversion to Sovereignty and the Restoration of our Moorish Government
  • Ouroboros
  • Phoenix Bird
  • Three (3) Pyramids
  • Crescent Moon
  • 12- Zodiac Constellation

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