Purpose for the Call to National Political Unity

We the Moorish Imperial Restoration Caucus on behalf of the first motion of United Res Publica of Morocco is the assembly vehicle used to navigate the various Moorish body politics/states into one inter-political central governing body for the restoration of our Moroccan Imperial Government structure and therefore to position ourselves politically so as to exercise the sovereign power once controlled by the former Moorish Emperors/Sultans, Beys,Deys, Caliphs, Emirs/Amirs, Pashas/Bashaws and Grand Wizirs/Viziers pursuant to previous structure of ancient governments operations.

Importance of National Political Unity by researching how our ancestors established centralized governing bodies

Through sound jurisprudence research and study [Iroquois Confederacy Great Law of Peace, Camp Holmes Treaty of 1836] of how our ancestors established centralized governing bodies, the Moorish Imperial Restoration Caucus concluded in order to achieve the enforcement of postliminium, a principle applied in public international law (Law of Nations), we must facilitate a national registry of nationalized Moors (permanent Moorish population), allegiance and a national constitution representing principles of national unity amongst the various Moorish body politics.

We, the Moors of varying body politics whom remain divided and separated will remain weak, vulnerable and lack the power of reconnection to enforce the treaties. But, if we unite as one central governing body, we will be able to re-establish a government structure to enforce the treaties and restore our diplomatic ties with the treaty nations and international relations with other nations of the world. These political moves would put us in a stronger position to reclaim our Moorish estates through the bonds of our Moorish consanguinity, political national unity and national constitution formed amongst ourselves.

The Various Moorish Body Politics

The Moorish body politics are free societies in their own Moorish land joining together to form an alliance amongst ourselves collectively with commandments, obligations, stipulations, judgments and liabilities to limit the delegated power of the officials elected by the people of varying Moorish societies/communities/clans/tribes.
The Exercise of the Free Will of the People of the Land as the Source of Political Legitimacy
Legitimacy is the permission of the people for the government to do something on behalf of the people. The idea of legitimacy shows that the basis and foundation of the government come from the public support is the only source of governmental power. Election is very important in the process of legitimacy. A government that holds elections gains legitimacy because the citizens trust in the government body whom they elect. Election contributes to provide justification for the existence of a government, thus consolidates Her legitimacy. In addition, election encourages citizens to participate in politics and help a government to obtain the active consent of people.
A Constitution is a principle instrument to obtain legitimacy. Being a set of rules which lays down a framework in which government and political activity are conducted, Her legitimization function can be analyzed on two sides. First, constitution is almost a prerequisite for a state to be recognized by other states, where the external legitimacy comes from. Secondly, constitution can be used to promote respect and compliance among the domestic population, thus building up internal legitimacy.
Assemblies (councils) can be a tool to build legitimacy. Assembly enacts legislation, act as a representative body, She forces the government to respond to popular demand. Assembly is a linkage between the government and the public; She is also a communication channel to support as well as maintain ruling legitimate authority. The assembly encourages the public to the government as rightful and legitimate. Political power is legitimate only when it is exercised in accordance with a constitution.
Forming an Inter-Political Constitution – A Moorish national constitution would constitute the national political unity for the Moors
An Inter-political constitution will be formed from our Moorish political states by sending representatives elected by the Moorish-Moroccan people or by supreme authority who will exercise collectively the sovereign power and authority that the Moorish Deys, Beys, Emirs/Amirs, Caliphs, Pashas/Bashaws and Grand Wazirs/Viziers operated in unity with Emperors/Sultans once exercised before the dismantling of our Moorish government and the usurpation of our Moorish sovereignty. When the sovereign power of an empire or kingdom that ruled over a host of kingdoms in their territorial domiciles diminish, the kingdoms/nations result to self-determination and autonomy power amongst themselves.
When Moorish Emperors relinquished their sovereign power over the Moorish kingdoms in the territorial domiciles they once conquered and controlled, we, the Moors, have a right to govern amongst ourselves and form an inter-political assembly/caucus with an inter-political constitution that would act or assert the sovereign power that the Moroccan/Moorish Emperors once claimed. The inter-political constitution will be the structured governmental body that regulates authority over all the Moorish political body politics/states by the structured language in the inter-political instrument.
The excerpt below is from The Laws of Nations by Emer de Vattel: Book I Of Nations considered in themselves; Chapter III – Of the Constitution of a State, and the Duties and Rights of the Nation in this respect
We have seen already that every political society must necessarily establish a public authority, to regulate their common affairs, – to prescribe to each individual the conduct he ought to observe with a view to the public welfare, – and to possess the means of procuring obedience. This authority essentially belongs to the body of the society; but it may be exercised in a variety of ways; and every society has a right to choose that mode which suits it best
The fundamental regulation that determines the manner in which the public authority is to be executed, is what forms the constitution of the state. In this is seen the form in which the nation acts in quality of a body-politic, – how and by whom the people are to be governed, – and what are the rights and duties of the governors. This constitution is in fact nothing more than the establishment of the order in which a nation proposes to labour in common for obtaining those advantages with a view to which the political society was established.
The perfection of a state, and its aptitude to attain the ends of society, must then depend on its constitution: consequently the most important concern of a nation that forms a political society, and its first and most essential duty towards itself, is to chuse the best constitution possible, and that most suitable to its circumstances. When it makes this choice, it lays the foundation of its own preservation, safety, perfection, and happiness: – it cannot take too much care in placing these on a solid basis.
National Sovereignty and a National Constitution
The International Community of Sovereign Nations requires as a principle of law that the ruling concept of sovereignty is based on a nation’s ability to defend Herself, regulate commerce, domestically and internationally for the benefit of the nationals who are a part of the population of that nation, enter into contracts with nations by treaty and have government to government relationships under diplomatic affairs and have a census of the population of the people of that country.
The Meaning of the Seal of the United Res Publica of Morocco
The seal is the national symbol that shows our political states coming together to form an inter-political central governing body under the Moroccan Empire flag, and the seal will give notice to the political states of the international world governments that we, the Moors, are all a part of the Moroccan Empire pursuant to consanguinity title rights.
A Call For National Political Unity

We the Moorish Imperial Restoration Caucus on behalf of the first motion of United Res Publica of Morocco welcome all Moorish societies/communities/clans/tribes to participate and enroll to become a part of this national government as a free sovereign pursuant to Article 99 of the Great Binding Law of Peace – “The rites and festivals of each nation shall remain undisturbed and shall continue as before because they were given by the people of old times as useful and necessary for the good of men”.

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